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Venice, Italy - Grand CanalRome, Italy - Trevi  LamppostVenice, Italy - TaxisFlorence, Italy - Lightpost and DuomoRome, Italy - Roman Forum FacadeVenice, Italy - GondolasVenice, Italy - San Marco ColumnRome, Italy - Temple ColumnsVenice, Italy - GondolasFlorence, Italy - DuomoPompeii, Italy - VesuviusVenice, Italy - LagoonVenice Street Light and BridgeFlorence, Italy - View from the DuomoVenice, Italy - Grand CanalFlorence, Italy - SkylineVenice, Italy - San Marco SqaurePompeii, Italy - CourtyardVenice, Italy - Rialto BridgeItaly - Lion FountainVenice, Italy - Gondola FleetFlorence, Italy - Towers Vencie, Italy - Canal ViewPompeii, Italy - ColumnsFiesole, Italy - View from MonasteryPompeii, Italy - StatueFlorence, Italy - StatuesPompeii, Italy - The VillaFlorence, Italy - UrnFlorence, Italy - ArchesPositano, Italy - Old FountainFlorence, Italy - Pointing out the DavidItaly - Doorway Carviing
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